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Session IPA

100% taste, 2,7% alcohol

Low on alcohol, high on flavour! Vedett Session IPA is the ideal choice when you have to go the distance. Because settling in for a session shouldn’t mean having to settle for anything less than a full-flavoured taste experience!

Even before that first refreshing sip of Vedett Session IPA, the first thing that hits you is its intense aroma of citrus and pine resin. Hold it to the light and you would even say this golden, slightly cloudy Belgian ale glows. Taste it (finally!) and the initial burst of refreshing acidity slowly develops into a crisp, flavoursome bitterness. With a distinctly hoppy aftertaste that beckons for more.

And since Vedett Session IPA has just 2.7% ABV, there’s nothing stopping you either! Because slow and steady wins the race.

taste Slightly sour and clearly bitter
style Session IPA
malt Pilsner malt, wheat malt, oat (unmalted), spelt malt
hops & spices Cascade, Simcoe & Centennial
serving °C 3°C
alc. % vol 2,7%
mascot Turtle